The menu

When a friend who is a chef, gourmet, or even a food critic comes to La Ereta, they always say:

“Give me whatever you want”

We wanted to offer this kind of dining experience to all our customers, we will cook daily with the best products we find at each moment.



White Shrimp with Tomato in Textures

Green Garlic, Tuna and Halophyte Plants

                                                                                                                                                       Cuttlefish Carbonara

Razor Clam, Poached Coca, Seaweeds and Sea Urchin Cream 

Crayfish Stew

 Hen and Redfish Rice with Thyme All-i-Oli (Lunch) 

 Rustidera Bay Fish and Mango ( Dinner ) 

 Steak Tartar

Piña Colada

 Tigernut with Farton Ice-Cream

 Caramel, Chocolate and Salted Toffee Millefeuille

   Price 95 €

    Pairing with our wine proposal 45 €

   Bread and olive oil



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