La Ereta Restaurant in Alicante

We offer our customers a different way of eating, without a menu, our offer consists of a tasting menu and the diner just has to let himself be carried away. Cuisine with a traditional base and recognizable flavors, but updated in terms of techniques and cooking…

with panorama views of all Alicante

Climbing to the top of Santa Bárbara Castle has a double reward: being able to enjoy a totally different way of eating than what you had known until now, with spectacular and unique views of the sea and the city of Alicante.

Dani Frias and his team

Led by Dani Frias, the ‘Alma Mater’ of this project, La Ereta aims to convey his particular way of understanding Alicante gastronomy. Patricia de León in the kitchen and Eva Ferrer in the dining room lead this young and dynamic team.

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And let yourself be carried away by a unique gastronomic experience

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